Quick Answer: Where To Stay In Flores Indonesia?

Can you stay on Flores island?

Flores Island is probably best known for Komodo National Park, but there are many other places to see in this island paradise. It’s possible to find every kind of Flores accommodation, from budget-friendly to ultra – luxury hotels in Flores Indonesia.

What is Flores famous?

Flores is known for its fields which are actually rice paddies although not in the traditional sense. The fields in Flores are called lingko or spider web fields as the rice terraces are arranged in a spider web formation with each part of the web assigned to a different family in the area.

How do I get from Bali to Flores?

The easiest and fastest way to reach Flores is by air. From Bali, flights arrive at Labuan Bajo and take about an hour. Maumere, in the east, is also an option. Bangkok to Bali flights from B4,200 return; Bali to Labuan Bojo from B2,130.

How do you fly to Flores Indonesia?

There are no international flights to Flores though you can fly direct or with one stop from many Indonesian cities. The cheapest option is a direct flight from Denpasar (Bali) which has an extensive route of both national and international flights.

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Where can I sleep in Flores?

Where to stay in Flores Island, Azores?

  • Aldeia da Cuada. The number one and irrefutable choice of accommodation is Aldeia da Cuada, a traditional Azorean village converted into touristic purposes.
  • Sitio da Assumada.
  • INATEL Hotel.
  • Hotel Ocidental.

Is Flores Guatemala worth visiting?

Today Flores is visited by travellers from all over the world due to its proximity to Tikal, the most famous Maya ruin in Guatemala. It is one of the safest spots in all of Petén and an attraction in itself – the colourful, red-roofed colonial buildings cobbled streets are worth visiting.

Who owns Flores Island?

After the war Flores became part of independent Indonesia. On 12 December 1992, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale killed 2,500 people in and around Maumere, including islands off the north coast.

What race is Flores r6?

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Is Flores worth it r6?

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How many days do you need in Komodo Island?

We spent two days and a half in the park and it was enough to enjoy the top attractions of Komodo National Park. I would say to do at least a two days trip from Labuan Bajo to the Komodo Islands, then one more day to relax. If you are going to the National Park for some serious diving, I suggest staying a bit longer.

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Where is the Pink Beach in Bali?

The pink sand beaches are located in the Komodo National Park, a group of islands in east Indonesia. The closest city is the fishing town of Labuan Bajo in Flores, which has its own airport and plenty of hotels and restaurants.

What language is spoken in Flores?

Today the official language of Flores, just like the rest of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia which has Malaysian, Dutch and many other roots. The language contains many loanwords from all of South East Asia and is also part of the Austronesian family.

How do you fly to Flores?

The main airports on Flores are in Labuan Bajo/Komodo (LBJ), Maumere (MOF) and Ende (ENE). In addition, there is a small airport in Bajawa (BJW) which is serviced daily by Wings air. Additional airports served by charter airlines are in Ruteng and Larantuka.

How do I get from Bali to Komodo Island?

There is no direct connection from Bali to Komodo National Park. However, you can take the taxi to Ngurah Rai airport, fly to Labuan Bajo, take the walk to Labuhanbajo, take the ferry to Komodo National Park, then take the travel to Komodo National Park.

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