Often asked: What Is The Population Of Indonesia 2021?

What is the population of China in 2021?

The current population of China is 1,446,190,848 as of Monday, September 27, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

What will the population of Indonesia be in 2050?

Population growth will slow; having peaked near 2.6% per year when Indonesia’s population was around 110 million in the late 1960s, it is currently estimated to be around 1.1% and it is projected to decline to 0.2% by 2050 when the population is expected to reach 321 million.

What is the population in 2021?

7.9 Billion (2021)

What is Guam’s population 2021?

The current population of Guam is 170,615 as of Thursday, September 30, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. Guam 2020 population is estimated at 168,775 people at mid year according to UN data.

Why is China population so high?

The population grew – all over the world. The rise of industry and large-scale agriculture meant that families could be much larger than in the past. The social impact of the urban-rural divide led to more complex societies, cities, and more people.

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How Many People Can Earth Support?

The average American uses about 9.7 hectares. These data alone suggest the Earth can support at most one-fifth of the present population, 1.5 billion people, at an American standard of living. Water is vital.

What is the max population the world can sustain?

So is population or consumption the problem? If Australians want to continue living as we do without making any changes, and as a planet we want to meet our footprint, then the number of humans Earth can sustain long term is around 1.9 billion people, which was roughly the global population 100 years ago in 1919.

What is the most populated race in the world?

The Han Chinese are the world’s largest single ethnic group, constituting over 19% of the global population in 2011.

What language do they speak in Guam?

Although English is spoken throughout the island, the local people continue to speak their own Chamorro language. Some, particularly older residents who lived on Guam during the World War II period of Japanese occupation, speak Japanese, as well.

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