Question: Bali Sarong How To Wear?

How do men wear a sarong in Bali?

Men’s Sarongs

  1. Hold sarong horizontally behind body with more length on right side.
  2. Fold left side over to center of stomach.
  3. Bring right end around to cover center and hold with right hand.
  4. Fold excess back over hand to form a pleat.
  5. Secure by rolling waistband over 3 to 6 times.

Why do Balinese wear sarongs?

So why are some trees or statues wearing a sarong in poleng cloth then? When an object is wearing this cloth, it means that a spirit resides within. The cloth keeps the spirit and its energy inside and also protects the people from being disturbed by the spirit.

How do you wear a traditional sarong?

2. Halter Dress

  1. Hold the sarong vertically in front of you.
  2. Tie the top 2 corners around the back of your neck.
  3. Tie a double knot to secure.
  4. Create a keyhole by twisting the sarong in front.
  5. Gather the 2 edges at your waist.
  6. Wrap them around your back.
  7. Tie a double knot to secure.

What do you wear under a sarong?

1) T-shirt dress

  • Put the sarong behind your back, holding the top right corner in your right hand, and the top left corner in your left hand.
  • Bring the right corner around the left side of your neck, and then the left corner around the right side of your neck.
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Do guys wear sarongs?

Sarongs are commonly worn on both men and women around the world, particularly in tropical areas in and around Southeast Asia. Men usually wear a longer sarong than women, even on hot summer days, and they wear it only below the waist.

Where are sarongs worn?

Sarong, principal silk, cotton, or synthetic-fabric garment worn in the Malay Archipelago and the Pacific islands.

Is there a dress code in Bali?

Dress and act modestly. The same goes with clothing: dress as modestly as possible, especially when visiting temples. When paying a visit to a Balinese temple, both men and women are expected to wear shirts that cover shoulders and part of the upper arms.

Is Maldives better or Bali?

If adventure on land is on your mind, Bali is for you. On the other hand, the Maldives offers better alternatives for the sea – the Baa Atoll offers amazing snorkelling, diving and underwater expeditions. Watersports in Maldives are better, and there are many places to try them.

What is the traditional dress of Indonesia?

The kebaya is the national costume of women from Indonesia, although it is more accurately endemic to the Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese peoples. It is sometimes made from sheer material such as silk, thin cotton or semi-transparent nylon or polyester, adorned with brocade or floral pattern embroidery.

Who wears a sarong?

Sarong or sarung denotes the lower garment worn by Southeast Asian men and women. This consists of a length of fabric about a yard (0.91 m) wide and two-and-a-half yards (2.3 m) long.

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Is it OK to wear a sarong?

Whilst sarongs are great for covering up any areas of your body you wish to hide, they need to be paired with the right items of clothing. If you opt for baggy, oversized t-shirts and blouses, you’ll lose the slimming effects that the sarong can create, making you look frumpy and like you’ve got something to hide.

How do you wear a sarong with jeans?


  1. Roll up the fabric if the pants are too long. Hold your wrap pants at waist level to check the length.
  2. Tie the fabric behind your back. Hold your pants in front of you by grabbing one string with each hand.
  3. Pull the hanging fabric through your legs.
  4. Gather the fabric behind your back.
  5. Tie the strings in the front.

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